This is not a good look for Melo.

After a cheating scandal allegedly produced a child out of wedlock, LaLa Anthony reluctantly took her husband back and things seemed to be going well.

That was until some photos surfaced showing Melo with another woman on a boat.

YBF has the details:

“The NERVE. While Carmelo Anthony was writing a sappy Instagram birthday post to his “wife” LaLa Anthony yesterday, he was doing so from a yacht in France…with another woman. The receipts inside.

LaLa seemed to be having the best birthday ever yesterday, posting up a bomb new photoshoot in celebration and sharing all the sweet messages from her celeb friends. The “Power” actress also had a big birthday party last night. The one person we noticed was missing – her NBA baller husband Carmelo. Now we know it’s because he was parlaying in the south of France with a new mystery woman.

Well well well. He certainly has a type, we’ll say that. We checked, and this is not the woman alleged to be his mistress turned alleged side baby’s mother, Mia Burke. But they certainly look similar.