Things have moved slowly on the Aaron Hernandez front but they picked up steam with co-defendant Earnest Wallace's bail hearing. During this appearance the prosecution alleged a number of things including -- via third co-defendant Carlos Ortiz -- that Hernandez was the only person out of the car at the scene of Olin Lloyd's murder. Per Ted Wallace of FOX 25 in Boston the prosecution is changing what was originally alleged by Ortiz when he said that Wallace got out of the car with Hernandez at the scene of the murder. Wallace pled not guilty to accessory to murder after the fact last week and was ordered to be held on $500000 bond. He was hardly clear of any concerns with the prosecution however. The prosecution alleges that Hernandez "immediately" called Wallace when the police arrived at his house. The prosecution Wallace's defense team claims that Wallace deserves lower bail as a result of not actually being indicted for murder.