The domestic-assault case brought against Cubs pitcher Carlos Marmol by a 24-year-old woman in his native Dominican Republic was kicked up to a higher court Friday, according to a report from that country. But it’s unclear whether that raises the stakes on the case, especially considering it appeared authorities didn’t file criminal charges. Paul Kinzer, Marmol’s agent, said his client expected to be on his flight from the Dominican Republic to Arizona on Sunday and report to spring training on time, despite a request by the woman’s lawyers to restrict Marmol from traveling outside the country. ‘‘As far as I know, nothing’s changed,’’ Kinzer said, referring to initial assurances by Marmol and his attorneys in the Dominican that he will be cleared. ‘‘His attorney’s saying he’s innocent and she’s just trying to get money out of him. He pretty much guaranteed me [Marmol would be exonerated]. I’m shocked it’s even going to the next level based on the paperwork I’ve seen.’’