Rockies outfielder Carlos Gonzalez will likely undergo surgery to fix the torn ligament in his right middle finger after 10 weeks of rest failed to heal the injury he told The Denver Post in an exclusive interview. Gonzalez said Sunday that he will travel to Cleveland to visit a hand specialist Thursday. If surgery is recommended which a top Arizona physician advised on Sunday then Gonzalez will have the procedure done either later this month or immediately following the season. He's leaning heavily toward surgery. "It's my decision. I am probably going to have it regardless of what he says. It's just not getting any better" Gonzalez said. "I want to be ready for spring training." Dr. Don Sheridan a hand specialist used by the Diamondbacks examined Gonzalez when he suffered the initial injury July 7 in Phoenix during the follow-through on his swing. After a checkup Sunday Sheridan recommended surgery according to Gonzalez. Gonzalez will seek a second opinion in Cleveland but sounded Sunday as though his mind is made up after weighing multiple scenarios. It's a risk he said counting on rest to fix the injury given how little progress he's had over the past two months. And if time off doesn't work that only delays surgery which could jeopardize the start of next season. The surgery however is not a simple procedure. Gonzalez would have the ligament replaced and a pin inserted to stabilize the finger for six to eight weeks. When the pin is removed aggressive therapy would follow for roughly two months to help him regain most of his flexibility Rockies trainer Keith Dugger said. It would leave him ready to swing a bat in early January barring any setbacks. "I know I have to make some adjustments but I don't want to completely change who I am as a hitter. I swing a certain way. I don't choke up and hit singles. That's not me" said Gonzalez who last homered July 20. "I didn't want to