Like evidence at a crime scene, the footprints in the warning track told the story. The Rockies had the Chicago Cubs outfielders running sprints to the wall Tuesday, the streaks and skids in the dirt eloquently explaining the damage inflicted by the suddenly resuscitated lineup. Outfielder Carlos Gonzalez was ruthless, and embattled starter Jeff Francis was efficient in a 9-4 victory at warm and breezy Wrigley Field. "CarGo is one of those guys that has the ability to do stuff you rarely see in this game," Rockies manager Walt Weiss said. "And Jeff was outstanding. He only came out because he banged his knee running the bases. He had a good fastball, and changed eye levels with his curveball and changeup." No one had to tell the Rockies they stunk over the past 10 days. They owned a .209 average, having delivered about as many big hits as Devo and Los del Rio. The players' reaction to the slide was revealing, hinting at the team's confidence a quarter into this surprising season. There was no panic. Just the opposite. As Rockies players finished a pregame meal in the phone booth that doubles as the visiting clubhouse, they talked about potential reasons for the slump. Some were suited for a family newspaper. Others were dripped in sarcasm — like blame the new guy, Nolan Arenado, who turned in another YouTube-worthy web gem in the eighth inning. At one point, Gonzalez suggested he would draw artwork on his bat to change the team's luck. This wasn't a group munching fingernails and slugging Pepto. "We will get it going," said Gonzalez, who made good on his promise with two home runs and a career-high five hits. "You watch."