After suffering a right rib contusion in Game 1 Cardinals right fielder Carlos Beltran received a Toradol injection prior to Game 2. Following the Cardinals' 4-2 win over the Red Sox right fielder Carlos Beltran told reporters he received an injection of the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory Toradol to help him managed the pain in his bruised rib cage. In response to a question about how he felt physically during the game Beltran told reporters: "Tomorrow I know for sure I'm going to wake up feeling sore. Basically they gave me an injection to kind of block the pain for five hours or six hours. I know for sure tomorrow I'm going to feel sore. The good thing is tomorrow I have the day off and I've got the opportunity to get treatment and hopefully Saturday I feel better than what I feel today." He then named Toradol as the injection he was given.