Alright team, take a knee. I may have been a little hard on you lately. We've been cruising with a pretty good record for the first half of the season, but some underlying numbers had been pointing to a little complacency creeping in. We've had a Corsi bag skate with Chris Bourque, done suicides with Shawn Thornton because of his meager performance against woeful QoC, and I've even called out the Captain. If I stay too much of a hardass, you're just going to tune out my fancystat systems, so today we're going to take a practice off of grueling statistical hammering of the current team performance and just have a little bit of a scrimmage. Lets turn our attention to scouting. No, I'm not asking you to hop a plane, train and automobile to some god forsaken rink miles outside of Chicoutimi. It's awfully hard for fans to catch enough of a guy in other leagues to get a sense for how he might contribute to the club, so most of us are going off second hand info from people with better eyes than us. But what the heck are we doing just trusting eyes?! Why I bet there's information to be divined from data, by golly!