Caris LeVert thinks Kevin Durant should consider signing with the Nets.

The 30-year-old forward can opt out of his contract and become a free agent after this season. LeVert, the third-year wing, said his team has all the pieces to lure Durant to Brooklyn.

“I don’t think superstars, especially Kevin (Durant), want to be the one who has to carry the whole team, the full load on his own,” LeVert told the New York Post. “He’s in his 30s now, so he definitely wants to go to a team that has a good core, has a good culture, has good guys on the team, and we fit all those categories.”

Nets guard D’Angelo Russell, who made his first career All-Star team in 2018-19, will give Durant a tour of Brooklyn during the Warriors star’s new video series “Fly By,” according to the Post. LeVert said Russell’s improved play could be a major selling point to impending free agents.