Quarterback Tony Romo has chosen to stop playing even though he still could. Another quarterback who went from playing to broadcasting has a message for Romo: Don’t stop playing. “As a competitor and as a former player and even as a Tony Romo fan, it’s kind of disappointing,” Brady Quinn told PFT Live on Thursday regarding Romo’s decision. “Because the guy’s playing at such a high level. If he is healthy, if he can play, why not, man? Go get that ring. It burns inside of me to want that for other players, because in my mind things got cut short and I wasn’t able to fully live out the dreams and the goals I had for myself.” Unlike Romo, Quinn tried to exhaust all of his football opportunities, and he saw it as a “tough pill to swallow” when the time came to transition to a job that entails “watching the game you love to play.” “You want to be down there,” Quinn said. “It’s tough to be able to move on from it.” Quinn also was asked to explain the advice he’d give to Romo. Regardless the obvious reality that Romo will be criticized even more as a broadcaster than as a player, Quinn provided an important clarification: Players are in a better position to ignore criticism because of the “tunnel vision” that comes from being in the midst of a week-in, week-out quest for victories. Broadcasters don’t have that same focus, and without a scoreboard telling Romo whether he won or lost in a given week, he may be inclined to absorb what the critics and trolls are saying.