There is no denying that Patrick Peterson is one of the elite shutdown CBs in the NFL.

There is also no denying that as excellent as Pat P. is in shadowing the league’s best WRs, he is and remains unhappy with the Arizona Cardinals.

Despite vowing to Cardinals’ fans at the Phoenix Waste Management PGA Golf extravaganza in January that he is here to stay in Arizona, all it took was a comment made to him on the eve of the team’s first voluntary mini-camp under new head coach Kliff Kingsbury to send Pat P. into a dither to the point of sending cryptic “snakes in the grass” and “I see where you STAND” messages on Instagram and deleting all Cardinals’ related info on his Twitter biography---thus with Peterson’s continued no-shows at the team’s OTAs, Petersont’s status with the Cardinals is clearly in limbo, whether the Cardinals want to publicly admit it or not.

Here’s a guess as to what ticked PP21 off. Peterson, who normally attends most, if not all, of the Cardinals’ voluntary OTAs and minicamps, had made a commitment to play in a charity golf tournament in the Denver area and it happened to coincide with the Cardinals’ voluntary mini-camp. Seeing as the Cardinals made a late scheduling change and the OTAs were pushed forward a week, perhaps Peterson thought the voluntary mini-camp was going to be a week earlier, thus he could have felt justified in honoring his charity golf tournament commitment. Regardless, when Peterson called to tell management that he would not be attending the voluntary mini-camp, whomever took the call likely expressed to Pat something to the effect that missing mini-camp was not something a team captain would normally do...and certainly not something that Larry Fitzgerald would ever do---as avid a golfer and philanthropist as Fitz is.

Hey Tom Brady takes OTAs off, so why can’t Pat P.?

But---here’s the ironic rub. You might recall that after the Cardinals refused to comply with Peterson’s trade request last October and after Peterson was talked off the ledge by Michael Bidwill, Peterson eventually started embracing the idea the he was in line to become Larry Fitzgerald’s successor as the iconic leader of the franchise.

There might be reasons to believe that Peterson thought that there was a very good chance that Fitz was going to retire this off-season and that the time for Peterson to take over as the most prominent face of the franchise was going to be this year. You might recall, when Peterson, while playing at a golf tournament, was apprised by the media that Fitz just announced his return in 2019, Peterson looked and sounded surprised.

However, there were already problems with the notion of Pat P. taking over for Larry as the primary NFL icon in Arizona. For one, Larry never got desperate enough to ask for a trade. For two, Larry never complained to the league and the media whenever he didn’t get selected to the All Pro team. For three, Pat P, has never played as hard and tough in all aspects of his position, especially the least attractive ones, the way Larry has. If Pat P. put the kind of effort into tackling that Larry does into blocking, then the passing of the leadership baton would seem far more fitting.