There's a question that some Cardinals pitchers have been asking the last few days a question inspired by rookie Michael Wacha a question that only Wacha is really qualified to answer. It's a question raised the other day by injured Cardinals closer Jason Motte in an interview with's Jayson Stark a question that continued to be a topic of light-hearted discussion Thursday as the Cardinals prepared for Friday's Game 1 of the NLCS against the Dodgers. If you're going to lose a no-hit bid in the late innings do you want it to happen on an infield chopper or on a 9000-foot home run? "It wasn't 9000 feet" Wacha said. "It was a good 15000." Nice that he can laugh about it. Wacha will start Saturday's Game 2 against Clayton Kershaw in the latest super-kid vs. superstar matchup (even if the 25-year-old Kershaw is only three years older than Wacha). In Wacha's last two starts -- his final regular-season start against the Nationals and his Division Series start against the Pirates -- he carried a no-hitter two outs into the ninth (before Ryan Zimmerman's infield-chop hit) and one out into the eighth (before Pedro Alvarez's 9000- or 15000-foot home run). So if you've always wanted to know the answer to this question that has stumped mankind -- or at least pitcher-kind -- for ages Wacha is the man to answer it. "Definitely the chopper" he said. "Definitely not the home run -- there went the ERA. Definitely not the home run into our hotel -- 15000 feet away."