This past week, as ESPN's Adam Schefter reported, the Cardinals met with Ohio State defensive lineman Nick Bosa. It was due diligence by the Cardinals, who hold the No. 1 pick in this month's draft. It was smart. It was also, some teams believe, a massive head fake.

Teams with the top pick historically have broken bread with the top four or five prospects. Some people in the NFL are old-school. They don't think you truly get to know a prospect until you meet with his parents and have a meal with him. And Bosa isn't a bad prospect to know. He's the best defensive player in the draft and also one of its best athletes. Bosa has so much power, speed, talent, aggression and overall skill that he can potentially transform a defense almost immediately.

Yet the dinner, teams tell me, hasn't changed many minds regarding the Cardinals' plan at the top. They believe Arizona will pick Murray and, likely on the day of the draft, also trade last year's first-round pick, Josh Rosen.

That belief has remained steadfast even after news emerged that Bosa would again visit with the Cardinals on Thursday and Friday of this week. 

No one is guaranteeing Murray to Arizona. No one can. Only Tom Brady and God can see into the future. (My bad. I know, they're the same person.)

But many teams believe the Cardinals' interest in Bosa is a well-executed smokescreen designed to lure a team into giving up a treasure trove of draft assets to move up and get Bosa.

To be fair, it's possible teams claiming Arizona is utilizing a smokescreen are themselves using a smokescreen. You know, that I know, that you know, that I know. This is the draft. Everyone lies.

Still, the tea leaves are telling us the Cards are looking to draft a quarterback. This week, ESPN's Chris Mortensen added another piece to the puzzle when he reported that Washington might be a destination for Rosen. This type of information doesn't get out by accident. It feels like the Cardinals are trying to let other teams know Rosen is available, and they wouldn't be floating that unless they were leaning heavily toward Murray.