Patrick Peterson says the debate over who is the best cornerback in the NFL will go on and on and his opinion will never change: He is the best. "As a man, I can’t fathom putting another guy in front of me," he said. Peterson has jousted with Seattle’s Richard Sherman over which is the best at the position. Speaking at the Arizona Cardinals’ training camp on Sunday, Peterson also mentioned two others "in the conversation," Joe Haden of Cleveland and Darrelle Revis of New England. "All of us have the ability to be the best in the league," Peterson said. "And all of us are the best at something at the cornerback position. I believe that the competition is real, and I love it. It’s just going to make all four of us play that much better and that much harder." Peterson, entering his fourth NFL season, said he has been told he won’t return punts or play on offence this season — and that will help him focus entirely on his cornerback job.