In what certainly could be labeled a disjointed season for Matt Holliday, the moth dive-bombing incident in the eighth inning of Monday night's game here might have topped the list. "I'm not sure it could get any weirder," said Holliday, who also had to have an emergency appendectomy after he had played the first game of the season and who later hurt himself preparing to lift a weight, rather than lifting it. The Cardinals' left fielder was in good health and humor Tuesday as he relived the irritation of having a moth enter his space, i.e., his ear. "I knew it was a moth, by the sound of the flutter," said Holliday. "I was just standing there and all of a sudden there's a moth fluttering in my ear like crazy. I started shaking my head, like you do when you have water in your ear but I said, 'That's not working.' I don't think my glove was on for one pitch because I was trying to get it out. "But it was like, 'I can't handle this.' That's when I called time out." Holliday said he wasn't so much in pain as he was annoyed. "It wasn't killing me, but if you can imagine something that far in your ear fluttering the whole time, it's not comfortable," he said. After Holliday was escorted off the field by assistant athletic trainer Barry Weinberg, the medical staff tried to find the best way to extract the moth. One such suggestion was to turn the lights off in the room where Holliday was quartered, in hope the moth would fly out. "I believe that was tried," said Holliday. "But it went in face-first, so it couldn't back out. They don't have the ability to back up. I think it would have but he couldn't see because he was looking the other way." The moth isn't looking any direction now. Finally pulled out via tweezers, the dead moth is in a plastic bag Holliday has in his locker at Busch Stadium.