According to a report in the Chicago Tribune the White Sox rejected a deal that would have sent pitching prospect Carlos Martinez from St. Louis to Chicago for shortstop Alexei Ramirez. Fact or fiction? The answer should be obvious to anyone that's paid attention to Cardinals GM John Mozeliak's stated views on his top prospects. He loves them. He doesn't want to part with them. "You can never have too many good players" Mozeliak told me Wednesday morning. The Cardinals are happy with their treasure trove of prospects and they're adamant about protecting them. I wouldn't say that the Cardinals are hoarding prospects but they aren't shopping them around. And Mozeliak — who certainly is rational — wouldn't part with top prospects in a whimsical deal. This isn't to say that the Cardinals would never move Martinez or any of their elite prospects. There's always a chance of the right deal coming along to inspire Mozeliak to make a dramatic move. But that's the point; it would have to be something really special a trade of significant magnitude. And even then Mozeliak would exercise caution before taking the leap. This is the long way of saying that the Cardinals never offered Martinez for Ramirez. This is confirmed.