In the present times, one player on every clubs wish-list is Gareth Bale. With transfer fees as high as £100 million being touted for the player, should Tottenham consider selling their best asset on the pitch? Will they benefit from his sale and develop into a better team or fade away into oblivion following his departure? Everyone is aware of the astounding numbers garnered by Bale in the last season. So I am not going to drool over the same. There is no doubting the fact that Bale won games single-handedly last season, with thunderous strikes in the dying stages. But is there a reason why Spurs had struggled to score in regular time? Why did they have to rely so heavily on Bale as the season progressed? Does this have anything to do with the way Bale plays? Bale is the traditional winger every English manager dreams of having in his team. But when you move your best winger in the squad into a more central position without buying a replacement for him, you are bound to struggle creating chances from the wing.