Adrian Peterson isn't playing for a team that gives him a chance to retire with a Super Bowl ring, but he's going to get the next best thing: an opportunity to prove he's still capable of serving as a starting running back at the age of 32. With both quarterback Carson Palmer and star running back David Johnson out with injuries, the Cardinals have devised a special plan for their game against the 49ers on Sunday: Feed Peterson. At least, that's what one coach is hoping for. "Feed the beast," offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin said, per the team's website. "It's like an old stove. The more wood you put in it, the hotter it gets. We've just got to make sure we feed him the ball so he can get comfortable." Peterson is obviously on board. "I'm all about that," Peterson said. There's no doubt that Peterson has an enticing matchup against the 49ers and their 29th-ranked run defense by yards allowed per game, but expecting Peterson to suddenly become the running back he used to be is expecting the impossible. Over Peterson's last nine games -- dating back to the beginning of last season -- he's averaged 3.05 yards per carry and 34 yards per game, and those averages are inflated by his recent 134-yard outing against the Buccaneers, which gave some people hope that there's still something left in his tank. Here's where it's also necessary to point out that he's yet to top 40 yards in a game since the end of the 2015 season (besides that Tampa Bay game, of course). But Peterson is going to get the chance to prove his doubters wrong over the remainder of the season. Johnson, who dislocated his wrist in Week 1, is unlikely to return this year, according to coach Bruce Arians.