They say when you look good, you feel good, and that’s how cornerback Patrick Peterson feels when he changes the color scheme of the cleats he wears on game days. It’s all about style, and it’s why he never wears the same shoes. They’re always the same make and model — Nike Huarache — but never the same color design. “I just like playing with different cleats,” Peterson said. “I like the different color combinations. It’s more about the looks. I’ll pick whichever one depending on how I feel that day.” That doesn’t go over well with the NFL’s uniform police, though. The league has strict rules on what players can and cannot wear, and yes, Peterson regularly gets fined for his fashion sense. “Usually it’s about $5,500,” he said, “but I don’t care about that. The league makes rules, so we have to abide by that, but if you don’t want to obey the rule, you’ve got to pay it. So I choose to pay it.” He might get a little help from his Nike representatives with that, as they always are sending him new boxes of cleats. Peterson wears a new pair in every game and never wears the same pair twice. So what’s he do with them? “I normally throw them into the crowd,” he said. “I give them away to the fans. When we’re on the road, we usually have some fans there, too, or sometimes they’ll wait for us here (at the team’s Tempe training facility) on Monday mornings, and I’ll give them away then.” Asked how a fan can get one of his shoes, Peterson said, “Just ask me. It’s first come, first served.”