Running back Jonathan Dwyer said when he was a free agent after having parted ways with the Steelers at the end of last season, Cardinals coach Bruce Arians was the first to call. "I loved him when I was in Pittsburgh, I hated that he had to leave," Dwyer said. "Getting that call from him and telling me how much he wanted me, that they needed me out here to help out and push maybe to be a starter, maybe to be a major backup — hearing that and being able to come back out and play with him again, why not?" Arians and Dwyer's careers with the Steelers overlapped for the running back's first two years in the league. Now, Dwyer comes to Arizona not only as a player who knows Arians' system, but as a player who brings much-needed seniority to the Cardinals' young running back group. Dwyer said he already has stepped comfortably into his role as a veteran. "Whenever the guys ask me questions I try to … just help them learn from my experience of things I've seen and things I've been through," Dwyer said. "Working with these young guys, they're a very talented group. 'Dre (Andre Ellington) is a special player, and Stef (Stepfan Taylor) is as well. All the other guys bring a lot of different stuff to the game." What Dwyer will bring to the game himself is still up in the air.