The Arizona Cardinals are lacking a quarterback in the aftermath of Carson Palmer's retirement. Luckily, Palmer chose a good year to step away from football as this offseason's free agent class of quarterbacks is relatively stacked compared to previous years. The Cardinals could also draft Palmer's successor with the 15th overall pick. On Friday, Cardinals general manager Steve Keim, who just got done replacing retired coach Bruce Arians with Steve Wilks, spoke with Arizona Sports 98.7 FM about his search for their next franchise quarterback. He didn't reveal any specifics about the free agents or prospects he might target, but he did lend some insight into the process behind his search. "You have to have Plan A, B, C and D," Keim said, via the team's official website. "Whether that is a, addressing it with a free-agent quarterback, B, trade option, C, draft, or all of the above … but at the end of the day you can't get caught on (Plan) 'A' because there are factors that go into decisions by a free-agent quarterback (or) any trade process that you can't put your finger on. "We just have to be prepared to move on to No. 2 or No. 3 and we can't get caught flat-footed if the first opportunity doesn't pan out." Let's start with the class off free agents. The good news is that with future Hall of Famer Larry Fitzgerald opting to return for another season, Keim can use Fitzgerald (as well as running back David Johnson) as a selling point when he pitches free agents. "I don't think it will per se affect the search part of it," Keim said. "Now it will affect the recruitment part of it if in fact it's through free agency. There is no doubt Larry Fitzgerald's name and his reputation carries a lot of weight.