Anyone who thought Adam Silver was just idly daydreaming last year when he began openly advocating legalized sports betting was set straight when the NBA visited New York for All-Star Weekend last month. The still new-ish commissioner used the powerful forum of the league's annual Technology Summit -- full of sports business insiders in expensive suits -- to reiterate his position. What was most notable, though, was how thoroughly in line behind him NBA owners are. The panel discussions traditionally are off the record, so I cannot quote the pro-gambling positions uttered on stage. But in follow-up interviews, it was clear that almost everyone sees gold in Silver's strategy. The consensus is betting is inevitable, is a way to foster increased interest and in its legalized form can be regulated and taxed. "We've always been hypocritical saying we didn't realize it was a big part of interest in the game," Mavericks owner Mark Cuban said. "When you do any work on where people are actually gambling, it's all overseas and places we can't see, and the league has got to monitor all these third-party betting sites and that makes it a lot tougher.