He has fallen from the ranks of the elite dragged down in a way Mark Sanchez was dragged down by the deterioration of the team around him. Eli Manning will one day get up because quarterback is his calling because he is still in his prime because he is strong of character because the Giants will move heaven and earth to build an offensive line that does not betray him. But in the meantime it is sad to watch the unraveling of our Eli. The 0-6 Giants can’t win without him and they can’t win with him anymore either. Who is that imposter in the No. 10 jersey? Who stole Eli? Even on a night when he was afforded time to step into his throws even on a night when Brandon Jacobs supplied a ground game for him Manning could not remember how to rescue his team from the life raft and carry it to safety. And it is killing him that he cannot be The Mann in his team’s most desperate darkest hour. Big brother Peyton has one interception in 198 throws. Little brother has 15 interceptions in 229 throws. Ouch. He is not Peyton Manning. Never was. But he is not Eli Manning anymore either. He is a shadow of the quarterback who won two Super Bowls. Baseball official scorers would call him “E” Manning. He probably cringes every time that rap video with Peyton airs.