The Avengers may need to make room for another Captain America. David Wright's heroics for Team USA in the World Baseball Classic have TV announcers calling the Mets All-Star "Captain America." What Wright is doing in the tournament is movie-star worthy. In the United States' 7-1 win over Puerto Rico on Tuesday night, the veteran third baseman drove in five runs. He has 10 RBIs in the tournament. Team USA right-hander R.A. Dickey, Wright's former teammate in New York, is having fun with the new moniker. Dickey, now with the Blue Jays, joked about getting Wright a Captain America outfit. "If there's anybody who can pull off those kind of things it's probably Dickey," Wright said. "One day he's walking around in a Star Wars [outfit]. He's a big Star Wars guy. So if anybody can pull off the outfit and probably get it here, it would be Dickey." Wright laughs off the idea of dressing up as a comic-book character. "Am I going to be walking around wearing a super hero costume?" he said. "Probably not. Maybe for Halloween next year."