The Florida Panthers have fallen back into old habits. While you could see weaknesses held back the Panthers in the last two games, those weaknesses were hidden by a team effort when points were on the line. Tonight the team effort was as pitiful as it had been all year, and it started with the opening puck drop. A four game point streak means nothing when you're still sitting at 13th in the conference, it's not like the Panthers have the luxury of sitting back for any game, even if it is against the worst team in the league. The Washington Capitals never had anything to worry about in their 5-0 whipping of the Panthers. Florida applied the weakest coating of offensive pressure in the first period to keep Braden Holtby busy, but after the Capitals struck first on late goal the Cats treated it as the end of the world and lost all mental fortitude. Remind me, which team was said to have those habits? Assuredly not the Capitals, who took a lead and never looked back. The Panthers meanwhile looked absolutely devoid of leadership and confidence after having won 3 of their last 4 games. Of course the season isn't over as we always like to say, but what's keeping Florida from falling into another 5 game losing streak?