Earlier this offseason, the Cleveland Indians signed designated hitter Edwin Encarnacion to a three-year pact worth $60 million -- the largest contract handed out in franchise history. It stood to reason the Indians wouldn't make another big move this winter -- at least not via the free-agent market. Yet according to Ken Rosenthal, the Indians are continuing to keep tabs on various free agents -- including, believe it or not, Encarnacion's former teammate Jose Bautista: While the signing of free-agent first baseman Edwin Encarnacion pushed the club beyond its expected payroll limit, team officials are staying in touch with a number of free agents, according to major-league sources. The list of potential targets includes relievers, corner infielders and corner outfielders, sources said; even Jose Bautista might not be out of the question if his price drops to a point where the front office feels comfortable presenting a contract proposal for ownership's approval. Rosenthal notes that the Indians are not guaranteed to do anything, and this seems like a situation where the front office is simply remaining opportunistic in case the right situation arises. Nonetheless, it's an exciting note for Cleveland fans -- particularly those concerned about left fielder Michael Brantley's health.