The 7 p.m. cheer started as heartfelt acknowledgement for health care workers but quickly became something more.

That nightly ruckus of shouts and whistles, clanging pots and pans, became a cheer for everyone. It is about community. It’s about not only thanking medical professionals for putting their lives at risk to fight the novel coronavirus, but encouraging each other to keep going. We may be isolating, but we’re not alone.

Vancouver Canucks defenceman Troy Stecher has some perspective on the evening ritual, and not because he is in the middle of it, standing on his fifth-floor apartment balcony downtown. Stecher is one of only a couple of Canucks who is from here.

He grew up across the river in Richmond. He has seen the city at its best and worst, and right now it’s kind of both.

“I just think it’s pretty cool to see the city come together like that,” Stecher told Sportsnet this week. “It’s loud. Everybody is on their patio or their little balcony making noise. I’ve heard there’s a DJ now, but nobody like that in our area.

“Seven o’clock every night, I’m out on the patio making noise.”

His noisemaker?