The grudge match may have fizzled, but Roberto Luongo didn't. Not even in the shootout, where Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane and Patrick Sharp lined up like murderers' row. "I think I pooped myself a little there before the shootout when I saw all those guys," Luongo said. "It was not the easiest task. But I was happy with the result." Luongo is happy about a lot of things right now. He's not only playing — having started three straight games — he's shining. As good as he's ever been to start a season. Is he better than ever? Maybe. Just maybe. Luongo stoned all three of the highly skilled Chicago Blackhawks. He collided with Kane on his attempt and as the two were sprawled on the ice together, Luongo told Kane: "Not this time." Somehow Joel Quenneville gave Nick Leddy the nod over Marian Hossa in the sudden-death portion of the skills competition. "He's been good at it," Quenneville said. "We've been looking for guys to break through in that area. After the last couple years, it's been a sore spot." Luongo stopped Leddy and, fresh off a rare Canucks shootout practice this week, Jordan Schroeder scored, leading Vancouer to a 2-1 win. Nice for Schroeder — but this was all about Luongo. The stumbling Canucks would be nothing without stand-on-your-head goaltending. They mustered five scoring chances in the game and one lone goal. But they found a way to turn it into two points.