The Vancouver Canucks can never win back the Stanley Cup they lost to the Boston Bruins in 2011, but at least they can enjoy a two-game winning streak over the big, bad bears from Beantown. Playing their most inspired hockey of the season, the Canucks trounced Boston 6-2 Saturday night for their seventh straight victory and a perfect 5-0-0 homestand. The two points were obviously the main object as the Canucks attempt to remain above the playoff bar in the over-heated Western Conference. But it also allowed them some satisfaction in taking down the Bruins, who were on a four-game win streak themselves. The Canucks and Bruins have played just twice since the 2011 Cup final and Vancouver now leads this “series” 2-0 after prevailing 4-3 in Boston on Jan. 7, 2012. They'll meet once more, Feb. 4, 2014 in Boston. Canuck defenceman Kevin Bieksa claimed post-game that he and his mates didn't derive any more satisfaction from beating the Bruins than any other team in the league. Really, that's what he said. “What do you think?” Bieksa responded. “You've been in this dressing room a lot. Is it any more exciting in here than usual? We won a big game. It's two points. Other than that, who cares? I'm not lying and I'm not telling you something you don't know. Like, who around here is high-fiving and doing cartwheels? We won a game in December and we have a long road ahead of us.” Captain Henrik Sedin wasn't biting either. “I know the media built up the game and the fans were excited, which was great,” Henrik said. “I mean, this is what you want in this league, to have games that people look forward to. But for us in here, it was nothing more than playing against a good team and showing that we're a good team as well.” With so many new faces in both lineups due to injuries, retirements, trades, free agency and Shawn Thornton's 15-game suspension, Saturday night's affair took time to heat up -- although Ryan Kesler and Jarome Iginla did drop the mitts 6:24 into the first period. Iginla appeard to to dislocate his left ring finger in the scrap and missed the remainder of the period. However, he returned for the second. Once the Canucks were up 4-1, Bruin agitator Brad Marchand went into his act trying to stir things up. (Twice during the game, he kissed his ring finger, the one where he presumably puts his Stanley Cup ring.)