Vancouver Canucks defenceman Quinn Hughes has accomplished a lot during his short time as a professional hockey player.

He’s going to his first all-star game before completing a full season in the NHL. He’s in talks for winning the Calder Trophy this year.

And he likely has the most unique nickname in all of professional sports: “Huggy Bear.”

Hughes said a lot of the credit for the name goes to his teammate, Brandon Sutter.

“He kind of drove that nickname,” Hughes said Saturday during After Hours on Hockey Night in Canada. “He made everyone call me that, so it is what it is.”

While sometimes “Hughesy” is thrown around, it seems most of the Canucks prefer the nickname “Huggy Bear.”

“As soon as we drafted him, I thought ‘Hughesy,’ ‘Huggy Bear,'” Sutter said. “He came in one day, like the third day he was here, and he had a T-shirt on it that had a tiny little bear on it. It was perfect. ‘Huggy Bear’ was perfect.”