When it rains, it pours in Vancouver. At least it does when Sergei Bobrovsky is in net. Eating sand for two weeks, the Canucks went to the well on the Columbus Blue Jackets’ goalie. What an oasis. The Canucks drank under a waterfall of goals, cruising to a 6-2 slump-bumping win. The Canucks scored six goals for the first time since Oct. 5. In the previous five games, all losses, the Canucks had just six goals combined. The Sedins had three of them, two for Henrik. The third line contributed with a Zack Kassian goal. The defence actually scored a goal and added four assists, three for Ryan Stanton. There was relief and shock too. Two fourth liners played more than nine minutes. Tom Sestito had his best game as a Canuck and would have hit the nine-minute threshold if he didn’t fight Nick Foligno. Jeremy Welsh, actually scored a goal, his first of the season. “It’s a relief that they got a win,” John Tortorella said. “To get rewarded with a forechecking game that was pretty good. “It’s been there before but without us getting points and wins.” This is a Canucks that for two weeks looked incapable of scoring on an empty net with a two-by-four resting across the goal line. Not Friday. Desperate for points, they dominated Columbus in the first, outshooting the Jackets 14-4. Through the first half of the game, it was a familiar story. Lots of shots for the Canucks, several missed chances, but they were mired in a 1-1 tie. The floodgates finally opened when Kassian’s wrist shot handcuffed Bobrovsky 12:05 into the second. It was a slow developing play, as Brad Richardson tapped the puck 50 feet along the boards. Kassian caught it, wheeling in reverse. He spun around and then head-faked a cross-ice pass even though there was no Canuck on the other side. “I tried to look him off, I was just trying to throw off the goalie,” Kassian said. “It worked. “Then, things just start going in.” The goal made up for Kassian’s ridiculously soft play which led to the Blue Jackets first goal. Matt Calvert went by Kassian like he was wet paper before faking both Kevin Bieksa and Roberto Luongo, scoring on the Jackets first shot of the game.