Wendell Young would like some clarity about the future of his Chicago Wolves American Hockey League franchise’s affiliation with the Vancouver Canucks. A report on Sunday, since denied by Calgary, said the NHL Flames would be moving their AHL franchise from Abbotsford to Utica, N.Y. The Flames did admit being approached by a group from Utica regarding a possible AHL move, but said they are committed to Abbotsford. How does this affect Young, the Wolves’ GM? There have been reports and recurring rumours since last year that Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini may be interested in relocating his farm team to the Fraser Valley. The AHL Heat have been bleeding red ink since the franchise moved there in 2009, with Calgary signing a 10-year affiliation agreement. The assumption is that a team of Canucks prospects — instead of the hated Flames — would be a much more attractive draw and, therefore, a profitable one. The Canucks’ two-year affiliation deal with Chicago is due to expire at the end of the current season.