Brock Boeser isn’t the only notable rookie on the Vancouver Canucks. Travis Green is 55 games into his National Hockey League coaching career. He has helped Boeser and Bo Horvat get better, settled on a starting goalie in Jacob Markstrom, shrunken Daniel and Henrik Sedins’ role and been unyielding in his demand that players play the right way – a message he has had to defend numerous times when asked, almost daily, why Jake Virtanen isn’t playing more (or at all). But two-thirds into Green’s first season, we still hardly know what to make of the Canucks. They were one of the National Hockey League’s surprise fast starters, going 14-10-4 in their first 28 games. Then key injuries hit by the half-dozen, and Vancouver went 7-18-2 in its next 27 games. What in the world will the final third of the season be like? We figured it’s a good time to ask. Sportsnet:Your leading scorer and greatest source of hope, Brock Boeser, was injured last week in the middle of a losing streak. Is the psychological blow as big as the physical one? Green: It’s funny, when you’re in the locker room, players believe in themselves. Pro athletes, that’s the way they are. The mental psyche of a player is different than a fan, even different than you are as a coach. As a coach, you have to fill holes — find someone to play the power play, whatever, everything that Brock does. But from a player’s angle, it’s not like that.