The Stanley Cup playoffs are like a continent wide race and the westbound Vancouver Canucks have just arrived in Winnipeg in a V-8 firing on about four and one half cylinders and a guy wearing No. 17 pushing hard at the back. The good news is he isn't even breathing hard. There are three other cars here as well and all seem to be running much better. But if the mechanics can restore the Vancouver car to it's full potential in the five or six days they'll have to rest and work on it, they may still have the best car in the race. To a man the Canucks are pitifully grateful for the break they'll get which fell into their lap when Detroit extended their series with San Jose Sunday, Henrik Sedin the man most likely to benefit given he and his brother were essentially carried this far by the amazing Ryan Kesler. "For sure it's gonna help us, there will be time to heal up a little bit, it's been hockey, hockey hockey and to get a few days in the gym, some time at home without traveling somewhere is going to be big," said the captain who has had trouble staying on his feet at times against Nashville when usually it takes a bazooka to knock him over. "The next series will be tough but there will be more offence and we'll be facing a team that wants to play hockey at least so it will be a lot different for sure." Chris Higgins, Alex Edler and Sami Salo will also benefit enormously from the time off given the series won't start until Saturday but whether the Sedins in particular can find their game in that time is questionable. And unless Kesler is considering yet another astonishing upgrade and plans to score four goals a game, to win they're going to need the Sedins to start playing a lot better than they've been. "To be honest I thought game five was the best game we played in the series but when you don't have points (and you're minus-4) you can't say that," said Daniel, indicating they're either beginning to come out of their slumber or he is in such total denial that even a hockey equivalent of Betty Ford couldn't intervene. "For sure the rest will help."