With tomorrow's opponent being a team from a place that calls itself "The State Of Hockey", you know that things are going to be fun. That would be the idea, anyhow. But, no matter how hard we try in Lotusland to build up some enmity towards the Minnesota Wild, it just turns out kind of "meh". That's no offense intended towards the fine hockey fans of that border state. Their maniacal devotion to our game is well noted and admired from my point of view. It might even make them honorary Canadians! Its just that, the Canucks' dance card is too full. Hell, we have a couple of Alberta teams, those folks from Illinois ( yeah, we developed a rivalry with what was once the North Stars biggest rival. Sorry 'bout that ), and another team that was just so easily dislikable. When it is in The Final, that happens. You understand I am sure, you betcha right? There's a few teams from California that all seem to dislike our particular hockey club, ones that it seems, from a long time observer of the Canucks and their fans like me, to engender far more return "fire". It just happened Wilders ( is that what we call you? Wild Nation seems a bit weird. ).