There aren’t many NHL players who would rather be in the minors. David Booth is one of them. Yes, he is in a tough spot. As GM Mike Gillis said during his weekly hit on TEAM 1040: “There isn’t an easy answer to this situation.” The situation is complicated. Booth is out of the lineup, and it doesn’t appear he’ll be back soon. Not without another forward getting hurt, anyway. Gillis was blunt, and rather searing as he dished out a little tough love for the winger Thursday. “He’ll be back in the lineup when he’s prepared to play the way the coaches want him to play and make the same sort of effort everyone else is,” Gillis said. So, it seems, Tom Sestito and Dale Weise will continue to play ahead of the $4.2-million forward acquired to score 25 goals a season on the team that can’t score enough goals. Booth had one last season and one this one. The Canucks take issue with his production, defensive zone coverage, comparative effort and his peculiar, non-traditional offseason training habits, which have continually irked the team. But the most pressing problem now is the string of injuries which have crippled his skills since Kevin Porter kneed him back in December 2011. There was a couple of groin injuries, but most impactful was a shredded ankle. The subsequent rehab from his March surgery to repair it cost him his summer and also his training camp. He is months behind his peers because of it, and doesn’t have the on-ice vision or puck skills to make up for a lack of speed and explosiveness.