A year after winning a Super Bowl with the Giants, Chris Canty joined another Super Bowl champion team, the Ravens. And the veteran defensive lineman came to Baltimore with a word of warning, based off the Giants' stumbles in 2012, when their Super Bowl XLVI defense resulted in a disappointing 9-7 record with no playoffs appearance. "I've talked to the guys about that. That Super Bowl hangover deal is real, I’ll start by saying that," Canty said last night, at the "ESPN The Magazine" pre-draft party. The Giants finished the 2012 season searching for answers about another late-season collapse after starting 6-2. Canty, who who was cut by the Giants in February as they cleared salary-cap space, thinks the answers are clear in retrospect. "I think everybody was enjoying basking in the glow of being Super Bowl champions, almost 3 million people on a parade through the Canyon of Heroes -- it was that kind of reality for us throughout the whole offseason last year," Canty said. "And I don’t think guys approached putting our team back together and going through what we needed to go through in order to be able to compete for a championship in the 2012 season. And it worked against us." The Giants' playoff fate was decided, in part, by a pair of lopsided late-season losses, a 34-0 shutout by the Falcons and a 33-14 defeat at the hands of the Ravens. "You saw it late in the season: Teams were outplaying us, they were fundamentally more sound than us, they were better technique-wise than us, and we were out-played, plain and simple," Canty said. "So those are some of the lessons that I’m trying to instill in some of the guys, some of the younger guys, now, so they understand, 'Listen, you just can’t show up and win a championship.' You have to go through the process." Canty thinks the Ravens might actually have an advantage because of their locker-room turnover this offseason. The Ravens lost important players like Ray Lewis (retired), Ed Reed (Texans), Anquan Boldin (traded to the 49ers), Paul Kruger (Browns), Dannell Ellerbe (Dolphins) and Matt Birk (retired). They added players like Canty, Elvis Dumervil and Michael Huff, not to mention re-signing quarterback Joe Flacco. Canty hopes a changing of the guard can help the Ravens avoid a complacency of sorts that he believes worked against the Giants last season. "One of the things I think will help our football team moving forward is the fact that we’ve lost so many different guys, a lot of guys in leadership positions," Canty said of the Ravens. "So I think guys are looking at it in the perspective of we have to put our football team back together. ... You have to put your team back together anew every season, and I think that mentality is going to bode well for us."