Robinson Cano found about a dozen ways to say, I’m not thinking about it. Not thinking about his expiring contract, not thinking about whether the Yankees can afford him beyond this season, and not thinking about whether he’d be open to a mid-season extension. “I’m going to be honest with you guys,” Cano said. “I’m just focused right now on the season. Just prepare myself, get ready for the season and help the team win another championship. I’m not thinking about anything (about the contract). Those kind of things, I’ll just let my agent, Scott (Boras), handle it. I’ll just have fun in the clubhouse and get ready to help the team win another championship.” Cano deflected basically every question about his pending free agency. He did say he’d like to stay with the Yankees — “Why not?” he said — but his comments didn’t go much deeper than that, other than this one: “It’s not about the money,” he said. Clearly it is about the money. It can’t possibly be about anything else unless it’s the length of a deal, which is itself a money issue. Cano said he loves New York and considers his teammates family. The Yankees recognize that Cano’s their best player at a position where offensive value is hard to find. Cano’s ability to make money, and the Yankees freedom to spend it are the only issues in this scenario. “I think you always worry a little bit about guys during contract years,” Joe Girardi said. “Sometimes it really works out to your advantage too. That’s one of those things. But you don’t want guys to put too much pressure on themselves. … Just knowing Robbie’s personality, I think it helps him out in this situation. It’s not too often we don’t see Robbie have a smile on his face.” Oh, Cano has plenty of reasons to smile. Will the Yankees?