Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price was suffering from chronic fatigue at the beginning of this season, according to a report from TVA Sports. “I was always tired,” Price told TVA. “A guy who eats well and sleeps well like me isn’t supposed to be tired like I was.” Price’s chronic fatigue wasn’t allowing him to recuperate well enough after practices and games so he sought out advice from a nutritionist his wife recommended. “When Carey came to see me, he had a big problem with his ability to recuperate,” said nutritionist Jean-Francois Gaudreau. “He thought he was able to get out of it on his own, but as things went along it just kept getting worse and worse. “We realized after taking blood samples that he had deficiencies – mostly in vitamin D and B12.” It was at the beginning of November that Price began a new nutritional regimen that included taking supplements. Before he was hurt on Nov. 2 in a game against the Minnesota Wild, Price had a record of 3-7-1 and a save percentage of .877.