There are always going to be differing opinions on how to handle prospects. Some people wanted Alex Galchenyuk sent back to the Sarnia Sting no matter what, simply as a business decision. Some people felt that bringing him up not would be "rushing" him. While I don't agree with either of those statements, there is validity to one of them, and that's the business decision. After playing 6 games for the Montreal Canadiens, one year of Galchenyuk's entry level contract will be gone. We all knew this was coming, but it does mean that we get one less year of RFA eligibility out of Alex, and we have to re-sign him one year earlier. With the salary cap, this means that Galchenyuk gets paid more, sooner. He also becomes an unrestricted free agent sooner, a scary proposition. Is it worth it? There are two factors to consider when thinking about this, whether Galchenyuk is NHL ready, and how his next contract effects the cap.