When Michael Ryder last wore a Habs jersey, he probably thought the organization was full of a bunch of angishores. But in spite of horrible treatment by both Carbonneau and Gainey, Ryder never got too biniky, and even when he did complain about not getting a call as a UFA, it was after being prodded, he didn't exactly blear. But tis not every day that Morris kills a cow, and Ryder will certainly want to take advantage of this second stint with the team that drafted him. It may be tough to replace a player like Erik Cole from a possession standpoint, but Ryder isn't the young kid he was when he was let go, and the old dog's for the hard road. Some say the deal by Bergevin shows you can't tell the mind of a squid, but I would retort that the older the crab, the tougher his claws.