It’s still unclear why the Chiefs chose to trade cornerback Marcus Peters. From the things already known (last year’s team-imposed one-game suspension) to the things that eventually may be known to the things that may never be known, the Chiefs decided that they didn’t want to commit to Peters over the long haul, so they picked the ideal time to make a deal. (Some have suggested that his refusal to stand for the anthem in 2017 was a factor in the decision, a fact that the Chiefs will surely deny.) Regardless of why the Chiefs did it, the deal will become official on March 14 (unless it unexpectedly craters), and the Rams will have to figure out how to get the most out of Peters. Under defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, they undoubtedly will. Phillips presided over a collection of strong personalities in Denver, keeping talkative and potentially disruptive players on the same page and pointed in the right direction, most of the time. Put simply, if Peters won’t submit to Phillips coaching, he’ll submit to no one’s.