Thunder assistant Darko Rajakovic broke out the big body pad, ready to batter Andre Roberson on the guard's next drive. Roberson was driving from the corner and absorbing hits when Thunder coach Billy Donovan walked over. Donovan personally used a few minutes to mimic a drive to the basket, showing Roberson what he wanted step-by-step. This wasn't Tuesday before the Thunder headed to Orlando to attempt to snap another two-game losing streak. This was weeks ago, when questions about the Thunder's offensive cohesion focused more on Paul George, Russell Westbrook and Carmelo Anthony than Roberson. “I don't necessarily feel like he's uncomfortable,” Donovan said Tuesday. “I do feel, with him getting acclimated to a new team, I just think some of that stuff's going to take time. I'm not making excuses for our team, just dealing with the reality.” The reality is Roberson's starting role hasn't been statistically damaging. The Thunder's starters have a net rating (point differential per 100 possessions) of 23.8 in the first quarter, fourth in the NBA in the first period. But that doesn't last. The Thunder's starters have an offensive rating (points scored per 100 possessions) of 88.5 in the third quarter, last among 16 lineups in the NBA which have played more than 60 minutes together. That quintet has a net rating of minus-11.3 in the third quarter, also last.