Hey, Hoynsie: Now that the Indians have lost Carlos Santana, why can’t they move Jason Kipnis to first base? He’s left-handed, which I understand is preferred for first base and I think he could be an average defensive player. He’s a fan favorite and I’ve seen way too many fan favorites leave over my lifetime. – Jeffrey Hersh, Conway, S.C. Hey, Jeffrey: Manager Terry Francona was asked about Kipnis playing first base last week at the winter meetings. He felt he could play the position, but it was obvious it was not Francona's first choice of where to play Kipnis. The meetings ended on Thursday and Santana signed with the Phillies on Friday. But during the meetings Francona said if the Indians lost Santana they’d probably go out and sign a first baseman. Defensively, first base is easier for a left-handed throwing player. It doesn’t mean a right-handed thrower can’t play there. Santana did a great job last year. Kipnis bats left-handed, but throws right-handed.