So this is what happens when you sign a $300 million shortstop to go along with your $330 million right fielder:

You have some bills to pay. Lots of them. For a long, long time, too.

Let’s just say the Phillies have noticed those bills are coming. But apparently, here’s what they want the baseball world to know: You think they care? No, they don’t.

This is the price of winning. This is the cost of stars. Their president of baseball operations, Dave Dombrowski, has long believed those two things go together. Their owner, John Middleton, has long believed that when your window to win opens, you leap through it without a parachute.

So here they are, their payroll headed for $250 million, and maybe north of that. They don’t seem worried about what that means. But should they be? Let’s look at that.

The Phillies now owe the latest addition to their ever-expanding star collection, Trea Turner, a cool $300 million — between now and (gulp) 2033!

They still owe their biggest star, Bryce Harper, another $222 million through (gasp) 2031!

So let’s do that math for you. They’re now on the hook for more than $52.5 million a year for just those two players — through 2031. But seeing as how it won’t be possible for those two to play every spot on the diamond, that’s not all.

The Phillies now have six players on the payroll who will make at least $20 million next year. That’s twice as many as the Yankees! Those six: Turner, Harper, Zack Wheeler ($24.5 million), J.T. Realmuto ($23.88 million), Nick Castellanos ($20 million) and Kyle Schwarber ($20 million).