Kyle Lowry chose every word carefully but meant every word he chose. In a conversation largely about his comeback from torn abductor muscles and a sports hernia and the extensive surgery they required, he was asked if he and Goran Dragic, both strong starting point guards, can fit on the same roster. As he praised Dragic, he said his issues were with the coaching staff and particularly that he doubted that he and Kevin McHale could successfully co-exist. "I don't think so," Lowry said. "I honestly think it would be tough. Things have to be addressed. The situation would have to be addressed. "If things aren't addressed coaching wise, I guess I have to be moved." There is, however, a clear reason to believe that Lowry can be an outstanding point guard with Kevin McHale as his coach next season: Last season. McHale was the coach last season when Lowry began the season playing on an All-Star level. He was the coach when Lowry was the Rockets' clear most valuable player. Though he and McHale butted heads throughout the season – a term McHale said he did not think applied but that Lowry thought put it mildly – Lowry excelled up until the injury grew too severe.