New Orleans Saints fullback Heath Evans warned earlier this week that he didn't expect an agreement to be reached between the NFL's owners and players until July or August, at the earliest. He certainly doesn't feel more optimistic now that the NFL Players Association has decided to decertify rather than extend negotiations. "I think honestly it sucks for everybody," Evans said Friday evening. "I don't think anybody's gonna be a winner in this, especially the fans. I know that's the politically correct thing to say, but there really are players who care about what the fans think. "But D (union leader DeMaurice Smith) has prepared us for this. Drew (Brees) has prepared us for this. Everybody who's been listening knew good and well it was heading this way. The owners for asking for too much money for this to get done without a great deal of pressure. And that won't come until we start to face the possibility of losing games."