“Not again,” seems to be the loudest groan heard from Royals fans via the internet. We are barely into spring training, and Lorenzo Cain, 2012′s oft-injured center fielder, is already hurt again. Fans are worried with somewhat good reason, as Cain’s first full season (well, not if you count all the injuries) in KC saw him injured, re-injured, and injured yet again in 2012. This wasn’t the introduction to Royals fans Cain had hoped for, and has resulted in a reputation as an injury prone player. Fairly or not, fans have labeled him and are already starting to pile on. Has Cain earned his new “paper doll” reputation? It would appear, from his history in pro ball, that he has not. Looking back over his career (mostly in the minor leagues) it seems Cain has been a pretty sturdy, reliable player. In 2006, he had 603 plate appearances, followed by seasons with 533 and 550 trips to the plate in 2007 and 2008. The first drop in playing time for Cain came the following year, as he only tallied 232 PA in 60 games. In 2010, he was back on track playing 84 games while splitting time in AA and AAA, then playing another 43 for the Brewers after a promotion to the big leagues.