It's been only 15 months since Josh Rosen was a top-10 draft pick, so it's way too early to call him a bust. Yet it's worth wondering, following an awful first year in Arizona, if he'll be able to avoid that label next offseason after a year with the rebuilding Miami Dolphins.

So many things went wrong with the Cardinals -- Steve Wilks didn't know how to use Rosen (or David Johnson), offensive coordinator Mike McCoy was fired midseason, the offensive line stunk -- that thankfully he got traded, except that where he got traded is projected to be the NFL's new worst team. 

So, how will it all play out for Rosen? 

"I want to like him, he was my second favorite QB last year in the draft, but I just don't see how he succeeds," Sean Wagner-McGough said on Monday's Pick Six Podcast. "It wasn't Rosen's fault when he didn't succeed last year, and it's not going to be his fault when he doesn't succeed this year.

"He could be the Titans quarterback in a year."

Host Will Brinson doesn't think that idea is crazy, and the guys also debate what the Titans will have to see from Marcus Mariota to give him a big contract (it's a lively mailbag edition of the pod).

"I'll put this out there: I think Rosen's going to have a better season than Marcus Mariota," Brinson said. "I think he's going to have a season where people say OK, maybe the Cardinals prematurely got off of Josh Rosen. I don't think he's gonna have a 4,000 yard, 40 TD season, but I think Chad O'Shea, a first time off coordinator who worked with Josh McDaniels, will design a scheme friendly enough to Rosen's skillset to give him some easy looks and quick throws behind questionable offensive line."

Does that mean anyone would rather have Rosen than Mariota long-term? Brinson chose Rosen, but didn't get much backing. Still, Ryan Wilson agreed with Brinson's assessment that last season's Cardinals were the worst team we've seen in a decade.