In the past few weeks, people have begun to notice that James Harden and Jeremy Lin have not exactly developed good chemistry on the floor together, and many are calling for Lin to move to a sixth man role off the bench. Is this talk premature or do the Rockets have a real problem on their hands? Let's take a look. Tom Haberstroh of ESPN In$ider was perhaps the most prominent writer noticing this trend, writing that Lin's numbers without Harden on the floor closely resembled the figures from Linsanity Haberstroh's take: Lin has played about 85 percent of his minutes next to Harden, so it's clear that the Rockets are desperately trying to let this duo figure things out on the court. In Sunday's embarrassing loss to arguably the NBA's worst team (right, Bargs?), Lin played all 33 of his minutes next to Harden, and the Rockets were minus-7 with the tandem on the court, which coincidentally turned out to be the final deficit. This insistence to play them together is a problem once you take a whiff of Lin's putrid numbers while playing next to the Beard. On a per-36-minute basis, Lin has averaged 10.7 points, 6.5 assists and 4.3 rebounds with a ghastly 46.5 true shooting percentage (TS%) to go along with a 12.1 player efficiency rating, according to the's StatsCube tool. You know who else has a 46.5 percent TS%? B.J. Mullens.