Q: Many people will be talking about how the loss of Chris Bosh affects the Heat. I'd like to make a prediction on the eventual verdict: barely, or not at all. -- Bill. A: That is ridiculous. There is not another offensive threat in the Heat's power rotation, or one with that type of defensive length. Now if you're saying the Heat can overcome the absence, I think that is closer to the possibilities. Q: I'm a huge Chris Bosh fan, but in the second half of Game 1 it seemed as if without Bosh in the middle that the lane was much more open for the penetration of Dwyane Wade and LeBron James. -- Paul, Fort Lauderdale. A: But that is not worth the loss of at least a mid-post threat with Bosh. And now, when Udonis Haslem or Ronny Turiaf or Joel Anthony set the screen, the defense doesn't have to think twice about sending both defenders at Wade or LeBron.